Sunday, December 25, 2011

Where we go from here...and where we've been.

It has been just over a year since our Carter (Roo) was brought into our family, and it has been just over a year since we have felt (and been) grounded as a unit.
It was a difficult (and beautiful) transition from one to two. Juggling my time seems to be the most difficult (whoever starts a business during her last months of pregnancy is a say the least). But every month that passes, brings a little more zen, lots more answers and a whole bunch of fun.

Beyond the normal day to day challenges parents of two go through, we have recently found out that we have not one, but two little ladies with special needs. One with physical challenges, and the other with developmental hurdles- but both with ridiculously bright futures.

What we once thought was a scallywhompis path to our family-hood, the road has ironically changed into a guided concrete street that has maps and signs and really amazing doctors holding our hands. Although we have no idea what our future holds, we feel fabulous knowing we are in good hands and have the most amazing, loving, quirky, adorable little ladies lighting the way.