Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The End of an Era- The Beginning of Bliss

Yesterday, I received a letter I have been waiting for, for 6 months. After 200+ hours of hard hard work (application process, not to mention the year it took to build the foundation of a business), Enrich All was granted non profit status by the IRS.
The timing of this was perfect, as two weeks ago I put in my resignation as Executive Director- the time has come-I could leave this engine of love knowing I had done what I set out to do.

I had always struggled with the balance between being a GOOD mom and running a growing organization. When I was at home I always had guilt of everything I wasn't doing for the business, and when I was out with clients, my heart literally ached to be home with my critters.
Over the past year, the balance just seemed to get more and more challenging as Quinny's struggles were climbing closer to the fore front, and Carter's health began to descend.
I prayed my ass off, and had countless conversations with Jake on the life we wanted/ needed to live.

When I finally decided that my love, time, energy and gumption was needed to enrich my own kids I felt this giant weight lifted off my shoulders, and a calmness settling over my scared and nervous self- I had made the right choice.

My children are the WORLD to me, and nothing brings me more joy than to be involved in their daily, hourly little lives. Being a mom was/ is the best thing I have ever done, and guiding them into becoming the best versions of themselves, is beyond a privilege!

I will miss our clients. I will miss the adventures, the stories, the love Enrich All brought me- but I am confident in what was built and that it will carry on many moons from now, continuing to Enrich ALL.