Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Date Night

A night away from poo and puke- so thankful!
Off to the outlets we went to start on Quinny's back to school wardrobe.
With #3 coming shortly, we're really cherishing every opportunity we have for alone time.
I think maintaining a friendship is key to a successful marriage- being able to find fun and fulfillment amongst the mundane 'have to' on our daily to do.
We ate Taco Bell (I know, don't judge) we talked shop, checked in with emotions, laughed a bit, loved a bunch, and got some bitchin' deals at Gap!
I sure do like this guy.
I'm (still) a lucky girl.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Today is Day 17 of our two ladies being ridiculously sick.
Vomit (3-10 times a day- both on zofran now, so no vomit for a few days).
Diarrhea (constant).
No fevers.
No spunk.
No fun.

They have both been back and forth between doctor appointments, blood draws, stool samples, urine collections, rehydrating sessions at Doernbechers (thank goodness for IVs), and a few vital sign checks at urgent care.

We're still waiting on their cultures to come back, but until then, we know no parasites and no viruses. They're thinking a bacterial infection of some kind- time will tell.
Until then, it is 'round the clock clean up, laundry, bleach spritzing, snuggles, and a whole lot of exhaustion (for all four of us).

Even with the entrance of this nasty nasty bug, I must keep the wheels of our GFCF lifestyle going- no rest for the weary, eh?
Thankfully our garden is producing an abundance of zucchini, so fresh zucchini bread every morning is a do-able (an inexpensive) task.

I also have been using half the sugar the recipe calls for, so the kids get the bulk without the shine (and they don't even notice).

Between the puke, heat, constant poop, endless cooking and baking, 34 weeks of baby growth bumping into everything, cleaning and lack of sleep...I might die.
Although I suppose that would be another to-do, to put on my list- so for now I will:

not wear make up
barely brush my hair
ignore phone calls
rarely leave the house
cry every other day.

Do forgive my hermit-ness as we finish these series of events off.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Soul Sisters

It really is amazing how everything seems to happen for a reason: how souls are brought together to impact and create a simplistic beauty between one another.

I don't think we, as humans, will ever just have one soul mate to connect with- I think there are a few wanderers on this planet that will see our truest beauty and beasts, and love all the line in between.

Watching our two ladies grow together has been a re-examination of what makes a soul mate. I used to think a hint of passion was needed to be intertwined amongst the crazy cocktail; but what was once thought as passion, I have come to realize, was intimacy: a connection of love, respect, admiration and this sight un-seen dual "i-get-you" vibe.

Our kids have just that- this mutual respect and "i-get-you", that goes beyond growing up in the same four walls.

Quinny has so many built in quirks and corners that not even her daddy and I truly understand: luckily, her baby sister has seen through the concrete barriers, and truly gets Q and her quirks.

She actually allows Quinny to be Quinny.

When most youngsters shy away from Lou's rituals and rigid thinking, Roo rolls with the straight lines and patterns- seems as though she is calmed by her big sister's operating style.
Every moment that passes, where we see their bond grow deeper, and their appreciation for one another jump a bit further- we are reminded how blessed we are to have brought these two ladies together as sisters, and soul mates.

We are SO proud of our Ladies.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back Home: Silly Hospital

Jake and I were just celebrating how easy-peasy this pregnancy has been vs. our cooking session with little Miss Roo.
This time of gestation with Carter I was held up at St. Vincents with Gall stones and meningitis. Wouldn't you know it- I spent yesterday at our old friend- Mr. Hospital.

They had me come in with fears of appendicitis.

After an ultrasound and an MRI, they we're able to give me a 90% clear of appendicitis but were certain I had some kind of nasty bug, and had strained my round ligaments while throwing up the night before.

I got to go home (12 hours later and 3 gallons of water through my veins) and am feeling ok today. Back on zofran (anti-nausea meds.) to make sure I keep my water and food down while we weather this storm.

Even with this trip to the hospital, and this nasty, nasty, bug in my tummy, I am feeling SO blessed at how refreshing and smooth this pregnancy has been.

Week 32 (with Finnegan)
Gained: 18 pounds
BP: 100/54
Exercise: 6 mornings a week for 3-4 mile walks
Side effects: flu like bug, hip discomfort

Week 32 (with Carter)
Gained: 50 pounds
BP: 160/100
Exercise: None. I was on mod. bed rest due to pre eclampsia and meningitis recovery.
Side effects: massive swelling, pre eclampsia, high blood pressure, blah. blah blah.)

Crazy how one body can produce such different pregnancy experiences.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pickin' Time

More pickin'- cherries, this time.

The more we pick, the more Lou and Roo get into the gig- this time Quinny picked 15 pound of cherries (not kidding) and Carter Roo picked...6 cherries. She (Roo) found their drip irrigation system and spent most of her time playing in the mud.

Look at this focused kid:

Now, look at this kid:

I'm pretty sure I've gathered up the most rad kids, EVER.

Best kids.
Best sisters.
Best friends.

Olive St. Projects

Over the weekend, Jake put up a screen door on our front door.
Talk about inexpensive and fabulous project:

$5 old farm door at reStore.
$0 stain left for us from previous home owners.
$6 for screen and accessories.

Quinny got super involved: staining, Lowes going, bouncing up and down for 20 minutes once Jakers put it up.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Get up and Go GFCF Meal

Cooking and baking GFCF is a challenge all on its own- but leaving the house during meal time is an even greater task.
Needing to pack snacks, tea, rice milk, and a dinner- all a while thinking about giving my critters equally delicious meals and treats as they see the normal human eat around them.
I never want them to feel deprived, more so, I want them to have pride in their diet.

A few times now I have come up with a fabulous one pot meal and an easy DE.LIC.OUS dessert to bring with us for a BBQ. Of course we come with snacks and drinks in hand too- but these two dishes have become and will remain, an easy go-to 'get up and go' GFCF meal.
Bringing a whole cake allows an opportunity for the girls to share their diet with their friends and family. I have Quinny help serve each piece- which she is always more than excited to do, telling them it will be good for their tummies and brains.

For the one pot meal:
It being in a dutch oven, allows for cooking to happen after I bring it out of the actual oven. The time between taking it out of my oven at home, driving to our destination and waiting for dinner time- gives the food inside a proper cooking time and has been totally radical.

Mini potatoes
Corn on the cob
Garlic gloves
Olive Oil
Flank steak on bottom, sear on both sides.

Throw in oven for 20 minutes at 350.
Take out and GO

And NOW- this incredible cake.

Bob's Redmill GF chocolate cake mix.
with rice milk and egg replacer.

I also put a middle layer of freshly made raspberry jam, and smothered it on top as well.
Not kidding- one of the best cakes I have ever eaten. Each time it comes out moist and rich and just darn fabulous!

Still seeing wonderful, calming, beautiful results from sticking with GFCF. I just started to organize all of my baking dry goods, and trying out a few of my own GF all purpose flour mixes. Been reading my fanny off- now ready to experiment- will be sharing all my successes (and failures) soon.


Growing up, my summers were spent at our neighborhood pool.
I can still smell the chlorine and early morning mist, as I climbed into the steamy water every AM for swim team practice. We would go home, eat, come back, swim. Go home, eat. Come back, swim.
Life was good- and I was wet, majority of the time.
I learned how to be a fish.
I learned how to play.
I learned how to just be a kid.
Of course there are aspects of our childhood we wish to gift to our own children, and without exception, a life in water was one of those for me. I wanted my kids to not only be safe around bodies of aqua, but for the water to bring freedom to their little lives.

I'll be the first to admit, as I got older, our indoor swim practices and play were my favorite activity to skip out on- the inside, closed up, cooped up, chemical filled atmosphere did nothing for my freedom- in fact I spent most of those pool days feeling trapped and full of anxiety. I wanted my kids to love swimming, learn skills and safety, but the thought of shoving them into the chaotic, loud, ca-ca land of indoor pool life did nothing for me, or them (the few times we took them swimming, Quinny would have a total melt down...WAY over stimulated).

When we moved to Yamhill we knew the neighboring town (Carlton) had a community OUTDOOR pool-all of a sudden my dreams of a pool-full childhood for my babes could be a reality.
If they dug it, of course.

We bought a family pass for $90 (yes, the whole summer, all four of us, endless swimming for $90! Steal of a deal).

Since the sun came out to play, we have yet to miss a day.

Quinny started swim lessons this past monday and is LOVING ever second of it- there are two other kids in her class, and while she doesn't do much interaction with them, she adores her teacher (who happens to have worked with critters on the autism spectrum all through college!!!).
She is excited just to be sitting on the stairs during her class- when it is time for her to move away from the stairs with her teacher, she is still a bit nervous, but making progress every day!
She says to me, from her stairs, about 50 times a class:
"Mom, I LOVE it here! It's perfect!"

During open swim, Little Roo goes to town in that suit of hers! She is a wild child, fearless and full of joy. When I take the girls by myself (on Jake work days) I actually have to put a life vest on the kid for the times she pushes herself off of me and I can't get to her in time.

We're having an incredible time.
All four of us.
Feeling so blessed to be giving these kids a daily activity that brings them pride and joy and...


Monday, July 2, 2012

Play Room

One of the things we loved about our new home was the loft area upstairs- we thought it would be perfect for the wee one's and all their chotchkes.
We finally started tackling it and getting things organized- hoping by the time Finn comes, all will be in place...hoping.



PS- Check out Jake's kitchen shelves, he added eye hooks to the bottom of them so they can hang their kitchen business- he is so darn creative and adorable!

Still sewing- I think I like this gig.

Yesterday and today I finished up a couple projects- this sewing gig is truly fantastic! I have always been an instant gratification kind of gal, and sewing up a pair of pants in 45 minutes that your kid can wear for a year- talk about INSTANT (practically) and GRATIFYING!
First up- matching pants (seersucker) for Lou, Roo and their new cousin Olivia (we delivered Olivia's to her yesterday, so the picture is only of my two's):

Next up?
Matching skirts for me ladies!
This was the most complex pattern I have ventured on, as of yet, and boy was I intimidated! Luckily I have a Mom who is rather bitchin', and agreed to pop by today for a sewing lesson. Quinny's skirt turned out amazing, and Carter's is half way done- so far so good.

I think it is time for a Finnegan project.