Thursday, June 13, 2013

Organic Gardening

Growing our own food brings a ridiculous amount of satisfaction (no, no- not just satisfaction- JOY!)
In years past we filled our garden at home with enough veggie produce to sustain ourselves July- September, but our selection of veg was small (as working within city plots can pose space struggles).

This year, as our need for affordable organic veggie produce has increased- we decided to partner up with my in-laws and use their extra space for more choices and a larger freeze/ preserving crop!

Between our two gardens we have:
Corn (to eat fresh and freeze)
Beans (fresh and freeze)
Cucumbers (fresh and pickles)
Zuch's (fresh and freeze)
Carrots (fresh)
Lettuce (fresh)
Kale (fresh)
Tomatoes (fresh and preserve sauces/ diced/ salsa)
Onions (for salsa and fresh)
Jalepenos (for salsa)
Peppers (for salsa and fresh)
Cauliflower (fresh)
Brussel sprouts (fresh)
spinach (fresh)
Blueberries (fresh, preserved and freeze)
Strawberries (fresh and preserved)
Cabbage (fresh)
Eggplant (fresh and freeze)
Apples (fresh, freeze and preserved)
PUMPKINS (we will have our OWN sensory friendly pumpkin patch this year- information to come!)

My mom in law is teaching me all she can, and I'm soaking it all up- alfalfa pellets for organic nitrogen (fertilizer), bitchin' compost from red worms and dirt from under the burn pile, leaves/compost and new grass clipping to keep weeds from sprouting...; it's a true science and I'm loving every second of it!