Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Story: love.

8 years ago, Jake and I started our love story.
He was in Oregon.
I was in NY.

Jan 2, 2005 we started to email.
We emailed every day (sometimes twice a day) for the next year.

We typed about our pasts.
Our hopes.

Story after story.
Thought after thought.

Emails filled with honesty, humor, kindness, hope, and admiration.

Those emails- those words- created a foundation for the marriage and family we have now.

A few months back, Jake asked me to check on an shipping order in his email account.
When I popped in I found a folder titled "Jilly".
I opened it.

He kept every single email we had written one another.

So today- in the spirit of the day of LOVE- I printed them out and got them bound.

I titled our story:


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