Monday, March 5, 2012

Partner Bliss-esq.

Two things I never knew how HARD it was going to be until I was living it:

When Carter was about 5 months old, Jake and I headed into a marriage counselor's office- knowing we were still madly in love but had no idea how to steer our ship. Guidance was needed!

And guidance is what we got.

Literally gave us a level playing field- where resentment and frustration once led, empathy and kindness grew the red nose. We learned that there is a difference between "Can't and Won't." Is your partner not fixing a small hurdle because he won't, or because he can't?
We learned that 90% of arguments start on assumption and feelings, and that if you wait and react on facts, life is SO much easier.
And most importantly, we learned that we have what it takes to not just last for the long haul, but to provide our family with an abundance of love, adventures and stability in the years to come.
We learned the (much needed) tools of being practical, effective and competent partners.

I have this (super) handsome, fun-loving, beyond thoughtful, fun, compassionate, caring, honest, loyal...and did I mention handsome, husband to share my days and nights with.

Moral of the tale:

I am one lucky girl.


  1. Bravo to you both.....He is a cutie....

  2. Love your vulnerability. It is worth the effort and energy to keep your marriage strong and growing. 45 years this fall for us. It hasn't always been easy but worth the fight! Blessings, Bev