Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gluten Free. Casein Free. Quinny's Freedom?

After a VERY challenging few months with our Lou- it was time to move forward with a medically proven diet for kiddos with neurological disorders- Gluten and Casein free. Two days in: I see a HUGE (truly, HUGE) decrease in her challenging behaviors (anxiety, aggression, anger). Jake sees a HUGE change- "Our sweet girl is back!" he whispered to me while making breakfast. Even my mom (the skeptic) sees the difference! Best Bit?
Quinny said to me this afternoon: "Mom, my body feels better today." Is this HOPE I feel? Could we have found a passage for Lou's brain to heal and thrive? Could this gluten free/ casein free diet mean Quinny's FREEDOM? Fingers crossed people. Fingers crossed.

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  1. It's great to see you taking a proactive approach to your girls and seeking out the nutritional factors that contributes to Quinn's condition. I've known about allot of the problems that wheat/gluten but recently started reading the book Wheat Belly (which I highly recommend)and found that they started doing studies back during WW11 that proved that wheat worsened symptoms in many disorders. Stand strong mom, you are doing a good job, it's just going to be a long road.