Monday, June 4, 2012

Project Olive St.

Our first project on 140 S. Olive St. I was desperate for a fabulous craft area where I could get back to business! One of the commitments Jake and I made to one another, as we signed our life away for our mortgage: If we could afford to do something, lets find a way to do it even cheaper. So when I requested my craft area to be constructed, we looked around the house for pieces of furniture that we could re-purpose, hit up a few garage sales to find some fabulous containers, Habitat for Humanity REstore for peg board paraphernalia, and gathered up a few coupons for Mr. Lowes! Our grand total: $18.86! I Still need to add more of my crafting bits, peg board bits and lighting bit- but so far, I am one happy crafting Mama!

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