Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back to Work

Having three kiddos is expensive.
Having three kids with special diets, weekly therapies, diapers and co-pays...SUPER spendy.

We don't drive fancy cars.
We don't buy flashy clothes.
We never go on vacations.
Our mortgage is modest, and our bills are average.

We still were JUST getting by...truly, JUST.

When you have a child with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism (and other neurological conditions) a traditional 9-5 is near impossible.
Each day, I am up at 5am, baking, cooking, prepping for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.
We "brush" Quinny with a medical brush, up to 6 times a day (this is helping with her SPD).
We do two Qigong massages a day (another therapy for her neurological system).
Joint compressions happen around 10 times a day (more sensory therapy and self regulation).
No less than two doctor or therapy appointments a week- mostly in Portland.
She has 18 different supplement regiments a day (she's on 6 different supplements, given three times a day and 1 medication, given once a day).
Structured "play therapy" throughout the day.
Social skill teaching during free play.
And through it all- Constant monitoring (she's learning self regulation, but we're still not there).

Clearly, a typical 9-5 gig is out for me.
Daycare is, literally, impossible- and a Nanny who is trained and trusted is far too expensive.
How can I work and contribute financially when we have the special daily needs we have?

Last year, when I left Enrich All, the balance between family and work became impossible.
My energy and time wa being sucked out of me- working 6/7 days a week, some days sun up to sleep, and my children were left with a shell of a Mama.
It wasn't fair, and it wasn't right.

A few weeks back, I met my old partner in crime (she took over as Executive Director when I left) for a glass of wine.

After a couple glasses and a wonderful heart to heart, she graciously offered me a place back with EA- and after meeting with our other Director, it was set:

I am back to work with Enrich All, as Director of Development.
My focus is the growth of programs, grants and community partnerships.

I work mainly from home, in the evenings (after the babes go to bed)- with Mondays and Tuesdays out and about at meetings.

(Jake's Lake is in season now, so he gets Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays off- so Mondays and Tuesdays he is at home with the kids. And when the occasional wednesday comes along, my amazing Amber watches all three for us).

Being back to work has re-filled my heart with hootspa!
Having a purpose, outside of my home, has brought more passion, commitment and organization BACK into my home and head.

I feel really balanced.

And I am so grateful to have a partner in life who is TRULY my partner.
And I am so grateful to have a partner at work who welcomed me back with opened arms.
And I am SO grateful that my three amazing children are happy, creative, kind, empathetic kiddos that have adapted beautifully to less Mommy.

I really am: Balanced and Blessed.

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