Friday, May 3, 2013


Yesterday Quinny had two seizures.
They weren't scary seizures- but they were seizures.
Absence seizures, they're called.

We're at the beginning stages of learning and understanding more (EEGs, blood work, MRI, etc.) but they are fairly certain she has epilepsy.

Time to go back to the drawing board.
Time to take our deep breaths and focus on the beauty.

Another puzzle piece.
More answers.
Clearer direction.
She's ok.

We have a brilliant team of doctors and therapists, guiding us:
Neuro-behavioral MD.
Pediatric Neurologist.
Naturopathic Physician.
Sensory Occupational Therapist

Our 5-some is stronger than ever.
Lou, Roo and Crew:
Hold onto your boot straps critters-
We CAN do this!

For all those who were planning on participating in Q's social story book, for her birthday:
Hang in.
Need my creating time for education and organization time.
As soon as our clan is settled into the new reality, I'll put her book together.
It WILL get done- just not yet. :)


  1. Crazy life you live Jill! I am so glad she has you as her momma!

  2. We're so glad she's ours! That crazy Jesus sure knows what he's doing! :)