Monday, July 22, 2013

Lavender Lovin'

Recently, an amazing artist from New York, offered to do two pieces of paper art for me for FREE!
A. this chick is beyond amazing- human being and artist.
B. I could and would never accept such crazy-ness!

So we came up with our own terms- and although a bit reluctant, I went along with our deal and received the most amazing, thoughtful, totally bitchin' pieces to gift to two of my most dearest friends, and their partners (in celebration for their weddings).

I have one more to give, so I can't show pictures yet (post to come) but as an extra thank you to this wonderful women, I took my three wee's (and my Mama) to a lavender farm, so we could make her an extra thank you gift.

With some freshly preserved organic berry jam, little jar of local raw honey, a book we found for her daughter and a homemade local lavender wreath- I am hoping to show her some of the same kindness and graciousness she bestowed upon us.

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