Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkin Patch (OUR Pumpkin Patch)

In years past, we've gone to a new Pumpkin Patch each October.

Every time we go, we leave with a sensory OVERload little lady, and a $60 bill.

Last year (and this spring at the "Tulip" Festival), we declared then and there, that we would re-route our farm festival enthusiasm, to something that suited the enjoyment of all of our wee ones.

For me, the point of a Pumpkin Patch is to have kids fill their imagination bins with fall fabulous-ness.
To have a child get dirty, and stomp on Pumpkin vines.
Watch the joy overcome a kiddo, when their perfect pumpkin is picked- and watch the wonderment of the adventure it took to get to that pumpkin.
And most importantly- having an opportunity to be apart of a working farm.
Feel, taste, smell...GOODness.

This year we kept things simple (really simple): Pumpkins.

The kids and I will be starting a new tradition with pumpkins this year- bringing small bits of our family farm to the door steps of some family and friends.

A tradition of giving and sharing.

But for today- PUMPKINS!

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