Friday, October 25, 2013

Best Uncle Award

Quinny had a pretty intense meltdown tonight. And we weren't in the safety of our own home.
Uncle Zach, who normally becomes overwhelmed with the intensity of his niece's meltdowns, became instantly protective of his "daughter" (as he refers to her).
He grabbed her coat, and said to me, 
"Put them in car."

And I did just that.

When we got home, and had our baths, read our books and snuggled the sadness out of one another- Uncle Zach joined Quinny at the table, while she ate her berries. This is what happened next:

Z. You ok?
Q. I'm ok?
Z. You ok from tears?
Q. When I cried earlier
Z. You had lots tears. You ok?
Q. Ya I feel safe now.
Z. You know. You pretty foxy kid. Pretty foxy kid.
Q. Foxy!?! Uncle you said foxy! I'm a girl!

And as I watched on with tears rolling down my face- he hugged her.

Zach Snell, hugged his Daughter Quinn.

For those of you who are lucky enough to know Uncle Zach, you recognize how powerful this moment was.

He and I have been working for six years together, to shine up his emotional and social skills- never, ever, have I witnessed him be so connected to a moment.
He had empathy
Verbal Connection.
Verbal engagement.
Physical touch.

Watching those two souls connect tonight, was an extraordinary gift.

One I'll never forget.

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