Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Baking Basics

I was telling Jake tonight how I have gone through more dry baking food items in the past four months, then I have our entire marriage (6 years).

Who knew how expensive REAL vanilla was (but so worth the price), or how it is so much cheaper to buy yeast in bulk and keep in the fridge. How ratios and chemical reactions make and break your products...things I never thought I would know, but love that I do.

So in the spirit of this bakin' babe's (yes, I just called myself a babe) growth and discoveries in the kitchen, let's talk about some of my faves:

The all purpose gluten free flour (I make/ mix this on a weekly basis).
I stole the recipe from my "Cooking for Isaiah" cook book; truly the best ratio of flours I have found thus far- I use it in all of my softer baked goods (cookies, pancakes, cakes, bread, scones).

6 cups of white rice flour
3 cups tapioca flour
1.5 cups potato starch
2 tbsp. xanthum gum
1/2 tsp salt

Mix (messy bit, but lots of fun)

Put on shelf and ENJOY!

Speaking of shelf- here is the rest of the gang, my go-to's if you will:

Bob's Red Mill GF all purpose flour (which I use to make my flavored breads, thickening agent, and muffins).
Bob's Red Mill GF Oats
Isaiah's GF all purpose flour
GFCF pancake mix (made from my Isaiah gf ap flour, I just add a bit of sugar and baking powder)
GF baking powder
GF coco powder
GF granulated, powered, and brown sugar
Bob's Red Mill xanthum gum
Bob's Red Mill gf baking soda

Still building my baking empire over here on Olive Street...and when I say empire I mean my shelf, my fridge, my freezer, our tummies- but adoring the learning, the mistakes and the messes each and everyday.

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