Friday, September 7, 2012

Love. Tolerance. Kindness: Let's Change the World

Having watched the two political conventions, reading facebook comments of folks and the daily news- I think it is about time to soap box some emotions with regards to our current societal political climate (I'm too pissed right now to soap box my emotions on other topics...).

What is going on???
What the hell happened to tolerance, kindness and RESPECT?!?

Listen here:
I think it is beautiful that we all have different stages and phases in our beliefs, values and thoughts.
I think it is awesome we live in a country where speaking those personal truths is not just allowed, but is encouraged.
I love researching, learning and discovering other view points, so that I can learn and grow as a person and either change a view, or solidify one I already had.

But here is the gig:
I will NOT listen to hate.
I will NOT respect disrespect.
I will NOT ever be ok with those who use bullying, rudeness and hate to spread their personal beliefs.

The freedom of speech should coincide with the responsibility to speak wisely and with purpose- not to fill the air ways with rhetoric, defamation and humiliation.

To strive and use intellect and void hate from the battles.
To think of other's feelings and direction.
To honor those differences.
And to learn something from the other side of the aisle.

We certainly don't have the role models in Congress or in most leadership positions these days, but until we expect something better from ourselves, how are we going to hold those in power accountable?

The world would be callus and boring if we all traveled down the same path and fought the same fight; I dig the creativity of thought and presentation of ideas through debate and factual dialogue- but for God's sake, be like Jesus wanted, be like Lincoln lived and RESPECT your neighbors and their colors.

Put your passion into passing out papers, writing your leaders, attend rallies and picket lines. Be a part of the change you so desire, not just a megaphone for all that is wrong with the opposite's.

Be and Do BETTER.

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