Monday, March 4, 2013

Clean Eating: on a budget (breakfast)

Our kids are awake and starving by 5:30am most mornings.
So as I brew a good Mama cup o' coffee, I start breakfast.
Some ways we save money for the breakfast meal is by buying my grains in bulk (rice flour etc.) and by utilizing what is/was in season.
Every summer we go crazy picking berries (berries are SO much cheaper in season...and a lot more fab).
My mom and I are busy beavers with our berries from mid June until mid August:
Making Jelly (strawberry, raspberry, marionberry)
Syrup (marionberry)
Flash freezing (blueberries, raspberries, marionberries, huckleberries)

Most mornings include some form of summer berry in the breakfast.

We have a few go to's that are easy peasy, clean and fabulous.

GFCF Pancakes
We will eat these about 3 mornings a week. Sometimes with lemon and powder sugar, sometimes with blueberries and home made marionberry syrup, and occasionally topped with maple syrup (ALWAYS real maple syrup...where the only ingredient is "maple syrup").

1 cup GF AP flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 cup almond or rice milk
1 egg (I always make Carter's pancake first and put the egg in after hers is on the griddle).

Toast and Fruit
Another fave is simple toast and fruit. The toast is either GFCF bread I make or sometimes Udi's (oh do we love Udi's...just a bit spendy) and homemade jam on that toast.

Bobs Redmill Oatmeal with frozen blueberries and maple syrup for a sweetner. LOVE.

Veggie Scramble
Obviously since Carter is allergic to eggs, we don't have this often. But Jake Q and I loooove it.
I will just use whatever veg we have left over from the weeks dinners and lunches.

Baked Goods
GFCF scones or GFCF berry corn muffins are always a go to as well.

Those are our top Breakfasts.
By making/ baking/ cooking it all from scratch saves us a ton!
As does using berries from the summer.
We also avoid all preservatives.
The nutrient value is amplified.
And our bellies are always full...sometimes too full.

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