Thursday, March 14, 2013

Therapy Thursdays

Every thursday at 3pm, we get two scallywags walking through our front door.
Nora and Reily.

They are the son and daughter of our dearest friends who live down the street.
And they are like cousins to my three (in fact Quinn drew a picture today and called it "family". It is Reily, Nora, Quinn Carter and Crew)

They're understanding, patient, kind and all around fun to have around.

We have a nice routine now:
We bake our snack together.
The bigs help the littles with a craft project.
The one's in school do their homework.
They all play together.
They all play kindly.

The two hours these kids are here, I use the time as Quinn's play therapy time.
I make sure the kids are engaged in activities where it's more natural for me to be including myself in the play and interpreting the social cues for Quinn.
Having play therapy happen at home gives Quinn the comfort of her own environment to teach her more social flexibility. It also helps her avoid most of her meltdowns as the sensory piece is diluted due to it being her home.
Comfort and calmness in the environment means more meaningful skills learned.

Reily asked me today what I thought Quinny would be like if she didn't have autism.
I was touched by not only his curiosity on the matter, but by the curiosity of my kid. Acknowledging the barriers he sees and showing empathy to the behaviors that come along side of them.
I said in return, "she wouldn't be nearly as colorful."
He smiled and kept working on his tin-foil man.

Therapy Thursdays- saving on gas and a co-pay!

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