Sunday, April 21, 2013

Help Us Celebrate Quinny's 5 years

One of Quinny's greatest barriers, brought forth from Autism, is her inability to navigate the social world independently.
Quinny literally has to learn her way through the social mine field, hoping to understand and memorize every nuance that could, should or will be.

SO what does this chick do? She literally memorizes and figures it out through questions:

What does that face mean?
Why are they laughing?
Why is he crying?
Isn't that teasing?
You told me two days ago I could play with a crown, why can't I play with every crown?
What color is their house?
What car do they drive?
What is their favorite food?
Why are they in the chill out spot, if they are not in chill out?
What's their husbands name?
Where did they get married?
What is their son's name?
Where is he?
Does teasing make you sad?
Who lives with them?
Why don't mommy's live with their mommies?
What did they eat for breakfast?
If you say "to die for" will you really die?
She wakes up in the morning asking me about the woman she talked to at Chipotle "why did she drive a green car mom? What was her son's name? Does her son live with her?" And the last thing she talks to Jake and I about before she falls asleep, "why did Carter have a mad face on when I took her dinosaur away?"

Her autism specialist said that Quinny was the HARDEST working kid she has ever worked with. She works her tail off to understand and compartmentalize this unpredictable and confusing world she lives in.
Asking questions and memorizing the social relationships relaxes her anxieties and allows her to have some (and I mean a small some) of her day being spent, just being a kid.

But for all the confusion and anxiety this barrier brings her, once it clicks in her mind, it builds her self worth and social confidence.

Part of Quinny's daily therapies are social stories. Social stories are little books and pictures that myself and her therapists have put together to give Quinny a VISUAL of the confusing aspects to her days.
We have a social story that gives her pictures to walk her through the bed time routine.
We have a social story that gives her pictures to walk her through how to touch babies and younger kids gently.
We have one for grocery shopping, following library rules, listening to people's rules outside of "Mommy's rules"...etc.

Now it is time to bring some more peace to this little lady's life by creating her SOCIAL social story.
Pictures of those in her life, put into a book she can read whenever her anxieties of life get too much.

This is where our community comes in.

If you are willing, we would ADORE everyone who is a part of her life, or our family's life to create their own page for her social story book.

This book will be not just be teaching her about individuals and families, but it will be helping her to understand social relationship levels: family, extended family, kid friends, family friends, mommy and daddy friends, neighbors, school and therapy adults...etc.

For those who are game, the following would be beyond rad to include:

Pictures of self and or family members with names.
Picture of front of house.
Picture of favorite past times/ activities.
Pictures of favorite foods/ movies/ books etc.
(Hopefully) a picture of how she is a part of your life (pic with Jake or I, with her...etc.)
And (my favorite bit) a little note of encouragement that she can read, and re-read and read again for all the days in her future.

I will be more than happy to pick up your page when completed, or will send you an envelope to send to us.
I ask for all the pages to be turned in no later than May 15th so I can have a bit of time to compile into a book (before her 5th birthday May 23rd).

Email me pictures and I'll put together the page!

Please email me:
or Facebook message me: Jillian Snell
or call/ text me: 503-523-7600

If you're up for this!

For those of you who are- truly, truly- thank you. :)

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