Sunday, April 21, 2013


My first year in college was a huge year for this chick.
I started living.

I spent 19 of my years living half ass- afraid to fail, so never really trying.

It was December 22nd 2002.
I was at my parents house, weighing in at an uncomfortably high number.
I had no clue who I was or who I wanted to be.
But I knew I needed to find out.

I needed a path that would push me emotionally and physically on a daily basis.
Showing myself, and proving to myself day by day, that I can, and I am capable.

Thats when I started training for marathons.

I literally grew my soul, one step, one mile at a time.

When Jake and I stated to plan our family, I knew one of the most important lessons I wanted to pass onto my children was that of Tenacity. I didn't want them to turn 19 and realize they hadn't yet lived.

I wanted them to have a fight in them.
To believe in themselves.
To try without the fear of failure.

Quinny was born with tenacity. That lady Lou has fought through so much adversity- and she does it with such gumption.
While Quinn's tenacious side is more obvious, out little Carter Roo stands, oh so pretty, in the shadows of Autism.

Carter wakes up at 5:30a, not because she wants to- but because her sister wakes her up. And when she is awakened, she smiles and hugs her sis.
After Quinny takes a toy from Carter, and then (Quinn) melts down when I return it to Carter- Carter ignores the play she was just engaged in, and rubs her sissy's back, "it's ok sissy, it's ok" she says.
When Quinny's had too much, and her aggression is getting the better of her- Carter climbs on the couch to give her sister space.
When you ask Carter who her best friend is, without fail: "sissy".

Talk about tenacity.

She sees her sister.
She loves her sister.
She fights for her sister.

Quinny fighting to keep it together and Carter holding her tight when she can't- without a DOUBT- my life's proudest moments.

I think Crew Man his hands (and heart) full.

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