Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Homemade Formula

As Crew turns seven months, I've been working on getting him used to a bottle.
It's been tough.
He's a short meal nurser- so I spend most of my day carrying around a 23 pound baby on my boob...for my sanity (and ability to be a loving, patient mommy) it's time.
I pump throughout the day.
But even with pumping, the Mama well is drying up.

So, I've been making Crew his own formula- made from fresh beautiful organic goats milk that my wonderful farmer friend delivers to our house.

(She is also the farmer friend who adopted our three dwarf nigerian goats when we moved out here. She's a pretty rad chick).

The reason I use (and adore) goats milk is because it is the (along with Camel) the most similar molecular make up to that of human milk- so it's SO much easier on a baby's belly.

Goats milk is missing some key minerals from that of human breastmilk, so I just supplement them in.

I also am giving Carter the formula I mix up- she gets 8 ounces a day. But because this is an animal dairy product, the main protein is Casein, being yuck yuck for our Quinny. I use the same supplements for Quinny each day, but I add them to different foods she eats (flax oil in her oatmeal, multi-vitamins in a smoothie, Coconut oil to her coconut yogurt etc.).

On the supplement note:
We have been taking Quinny to a Naturopathic doctor in Portland- under her (Dr. Sarah McCallister) guidance we have been making even bigger life changes to help heal Quinn's neurological system. As the process is a bit overwhelming (can you believe it, Jill overwhelmed??) I have not posted the progress as of yet- but soon I'll fill up pages of this incredible, life changing, empowering experience.

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