Saturday, August 3, 2013

Garden and Pickin'

The two reasons I dig the summer months are:
Gardening and Picking.
I'm really not into heat (I'm a sweaty hot mess year round- 80 degrees and higher just makes things ridiculous).
But heat brings crops to garden and to harvest!
Since Quinny's first year of life, and every year since, we spend much of our summer days (now mornings- avoiding sun from 10a- 4p for Roo Roo) picking our fruits and veggies and canning, freezing, preserving.
Today was peach picking with Papa and peach preserving with Grammy.
We also went to Jake's parents farm and tended to our big garden. My mom in law is so damn good with this stuff- loving learning from her!

The crop is coming in and the kids (and the Mama) are having a rad rad time.

We may be avoiding the sun but we appreciate all the sun is gifting to us!

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