Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Moving: embracing change and the unknown

Come September, we will be moving back into our little wee house in Forest Grove.
We will be putting our Yamhill house up for rent, and starting a life full of unknowns within the security of the four walls that surrounds us at 1113 Gales Creek Road.

Four years ago, Jake re-built his grandpa's little two bedroom bungalow- we lived in and loved that house until positive pregnancy test with Crew came around and finding a bigger home with a warm, loving community, became our focus.

We found both in sweet, beautiful Yamhill Oregon.
An incredible blessing we found.
A preschool that developed our Lou's self worth, a teacher who adored her, guided her, and believed in her.
Friends and parents of friends who understood the differences, and accepted them.
Evenings with wine and laughter, with new friends whom I connected with, and trusted.
Wood shop and beer drinking for Jake with his best bud.
Our besties- so loyal and so loving.


Heartbreaking, this decision is- but necessary.

Keeping a solid foundation, near both sets of grandparents, near the doctors and hospitals, is critical for us staying hopeful and grounded.

Keeping a balance between work, health, therapies, survival, learning, creating, adventures, love, laughter and stability- it is going to be super hard. Especially since we don't know where or what we're headed towards.

Keeping perspective about what is important in life. What we want our children to learn from and about adversity. What we want them to remember about their childhood and remember about us, as parents.

We firmly believe that a childhood that has stability, love that has no bounds, creative adventure seeking, parents who honor and enrich each child as an individual, and food that nourishes and heals, will be far more beneficial than a big house full of stuff and parents stretched to thin to remember what really matters.

For a lady who has historically, needed to plan every minute into her future- this is going to be the ultimate trust exercise.

I'm trusting that we're making the right choices.
I'm trusting that we're given what we can handle- even when you might not feel it at the time.
I'm trusting in my partner.
I'm trusting in God.
I'm trusting myself.

Wish us luck-

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