Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Birthday Gifts- all 3 of them.

The girls wanted to give Crew an actual gift for his birthday.

So we headed to Goodwill, where they got to spend time finding the perfect gift for brother.
Quinny got him a teddy bear that she named "Daddy" (jake was borderline offended).
And Carter picked out a pink bunny with an Easter basket in its hands. 

When we got home, I had them pick wrapping paper, and they wrapped their gift themselves.
(Jake and I splurged and got him his first SIGG sippy cup.)

We raise our babes with the values of receiving less and giving more- and now that the girls are older, the "giving" aspect of a birthday has become a really big deal- it was so joyful to watch the girls find the "perfect" gift for Crew- and the excitement of wrapping it.

Going to make this kid something soon (being #3 he has been jipped a bit)- once we're settled and my sewing machine is out and I stay awake past 9p, and..........

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