Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Program: how far we've come

Last week Quinny's preschool held their Christmas Concert.

I was a nervous wreck:
No nap that day.
ALL her Grandma's and Grandpa's- uncles, aunts and cousin.
She barely ate dinner from the pre-game (concert) excitement.

It was super chilly, but dry- so we walked to the high school.
Christmas lights were glowing and Quinny was squawking with glee the entire parade.

She was just a bit hesitant to join her class, before the show- but by the time the kids climbed on stage- she was ready to roll!

(Front and Middle)
On stage she was just like all the other 3/4 year olds- shouting 'hello' to their moms and dads- laughing with their neighbors, forgetting most of the song lyrics while presenting their own rendition louder than their giggle partner's.
Of course Quinny added her own flavor by covering her ears at points and the faces she made of "woah this is loud" were ever so present- but keeping it together all a while.

I could not believe it.

On the way home Quinny was on fire!
"Mom, my play was so fun!"
"Did you see me Daddy? I did it so beautiful!"
The best and most important part:
Quinny loved it.
She had fun.
She felt SO good about herself.

When we got home, and quickly got the wee ones in bed- Jake and I sat back and took in the gift that was the night.
Appreciating how far we're coming as a clan.
How cooking, baking, eating GFCF every day is calming her nervous system down, and allowing her therapies to truly impact her everyday.
Scrubbing her down with her therapy brush and giving her a Qi Gong massage every night is working!
Sensory therapy is working!

Of course I know we will continue to bounce from left to right, up and down- that not everyday and every activity will be as successful and fabulous as it has been and has been becoming- BUT:
it's working.

To celebrate- hows about some fab family pics from the blessed event?

(So focused he was!)

(Look at that angel, furry vested kid).

(The face of one excited Mama!)

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