Friday, December 7, 2012

Tree Shopping

For all who know me, they are fully aware of my obsession with this JOYUS time of AMAZING year!!!

I have done a really awful job at keeping Quinn's limitations and sensory sensitivities into consideration during the past 4 holiday seasons. I just get so excited, and caught up in my traditional hoopla that come Christmas morning I have had a fried, falling apart baby girl.

Last year was my last year being selfish.

This year:
No expectations.
No line standing.
No late night Christmas light adventures.
No endless gluten-full cookie baking and deliveries.
No Christmas decor that is breakable and "no touch".
No community services projects.
No caroling house to house.
No matching Christmas jammies.

I'm going to allow my three to start forming new traditions that feel good to them.

Let the FUN, FABULOUS and calm (er) season commence!

Tradition #1. A Tree.
In the past we went to a tree farm that had a santa, music, bazaar, petting zoo...all the ridiculous-ness you can think of. Everything not fabulous for a kid with SPD and Asperbergers.
This year we found (Thanks Am) an incredible farm 2 miles from our home.
A fire pit.
A shed.
A super cool old dog (Rudy) who followed us around.
BEST tree experience we have ever had.

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