Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gift Ideas: on a budget with love

Adding a third to the mix motivates Jake and I to be even more thoughtful with our spending.
It is foolishly challenging to keep my spending under control during the hustle and bustle of Christmas time- BUT this year I kept myself busy by crafting and sewing most of our gifts.
Jake and I have a pretty rad 'kid gift' under way, but for now I wanted to share two of my thrifty holiday gift ideas:
Personalized Mugs
Personalized Pillows

The Mugs:
Mr. Pinterest showed me that if you take a Sharpi and a coffee mug, you can make a thoughtful mug for those coffee/ tea lovers. So that is what I did. Personalized the hell out of these bad boys, popped them in the oven 350 degrees for 30 minutes and BAM:
Made this one for my Grandma- made a couple more for other loved ones. All different. All thoughtful.

The Pillows:
Who doesn't need an extra fancy pillow kickin' it around their house, eh? Coolest bit of this project is that it literally cost me nothing. I used all scrap fabric I had been hoarding from prior projects. I was also able to stuff them with extra filler I had hanging around.

Super excited to complete the kid's Santa gift in the next few days- Quinny has been begging for a Doll House, and with limited time and resources, Jake and I were able to put together a doll house for $3. Yes, $3. Stay tuned.

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