Wednesday, January 2, 2013

$3 Doll House

Jake and I wanted to get the kids a doll house for Christmas, but the ones I really wanted were $200 (or more) and that did not include the furniture.

SO- we decided to make a house for the girls, and furnish the interior with that they already have hanging about.

(All we bought were the papers to "wall paper" with- $3).

Found the idea on Pinterest- perfect for us, as we had an extra shelf hanging around:

We then used some old plywood kicking around and added the scrapbooking paper to it.

I made some accessories (picture frames and rugs) by cutting out rectangles of fabrics and fastin' up craft sticks:

And here is the final product! A $3, fun, fabulous home made doll house.

The bedroom:

The Bathroom:

The Yoga Room:

The Dining Room:

The Kitchen:

The Living Room:

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  1. This is pretty cool! You are one crafty lady! I do not have a crafty bone in me! :)