Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last Holiday Gig

We are SO close!
So close to making it through the most challenging part of the year.
One more gig on the agenda.

A Holiday gathering with some rad mom's and their critters today at 10a.
We (the ladies) bring six frozen meals, and in return, leave the party with six different meals for their families, to freeze. Pretty clever, eh?

I made Chili.

Then, I went on my handy dandy Mac templates, and made a little tag for the tupperware. I first made tags on normal paper to be tied onto the package:

But then I thought I could print the tags off on sticky paper (clever!!)- but after only two printed off, my printer ran out of ink (fail). So I grabbed a sharpie and drew the last two tags.

In the end, I have six chili dinners, with three different wrappings and tags- makes it a bit more charming...and a bit more "Jill".

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