Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Soul Sisters

It really is amazing how everything seems to happen for a reason: how souls are brought together to impact and create a simplistic beauty between one another.

I don't think we, as humans, will ever just have one soul mate to connect with- I think there are a few wanderers on this planet that will see our truest beauty and beasts, and love all the line in between.

Watching our two ladies grow together has been a re-examination of what makes a soul mate. I used to think a hint of passion was needed to be intertwined amongst the crazy cocktail; but what was once thought as passion, I have come to realize, was intimacy: a connection of love, respect, admiration and this sight un-seen dual "i-get-you" vibe.

Our kids have just that- this mutual respect and "i-get-you", that goes beyond growing up in the same four walls.

Quinny has so many built in quirks and corners that not even her daddy and I truly understand: luckily, her baby sister has seen through the concrete barriers, and truly gets Q and her quirks.

She actually allows Quinny to be Quinny.

When most youngsters shy away from Lou's rituals and rigid thinking, Roo rolls with the straight lines and patterns- seems as though she is calmed by her big sister's operating style.
Every moment that passes, where we see their bond grow deeper, and their appreciation for one another jump a bit further- we are reminded how blessed we are to have brought these two ladies together as sisters, and soul mates.

We are SO proud of our Ladies.

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