Monday, July 2, 2012

Still sewing- I think I like this gig.

Yesterday and today I finished up a couple projects- this sewing gig is truly fantastic! I have always been an instant gratification kind of gal, and sewing up a pair of pants in 45 minutes that your kid can wear for a year- talk about INSTANT (practically) and GRATIFYING!
First up- matching pants (seersucker) for Lou, Roo and their new cousin Olivia (we delivered Olivia's to her yesterday, so the picture is only of my two's):

Next up?
Matching skirts for me ladies!
This was the most complex pattern I have ventured on, as of yet, and boy was I intimidated! Luckily I have a Mom who is rather bitchin', and agreed to pop by today for a sewing lesson. Quinny's skirt turned out amazing, and Carter's is half way done- so far so good.

I think it is time for a Finnegan project.

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