Sunday, July 29, 2012


Today is Day 17 of our two ladies being ridiculously sick.
Vomit (3-10 times a day- both on zofran now, so no vomit for a few days).
Diarrhea (constant).
No fevers.
No spunk.
No fun.

They have both been back and forth between doctor appointments, blood draws, stool samples, urine collections, rehydrating sessions at Doernbechers (thank goodness for IVs), and a few vital sign checks at urgent care.

We're still waiting on their cultures to come back, but until then, we know no parasites and no viruses. They're thinking a bacterial infection of some kind- time will tell.
Until then, it is 'round the clock clean up, laundry, bleach spritzing, snuggles, and a whole lot of exhaustion (for all four of us).

Even with the entrance of this nasty nasty bug, I must keep the wheels of our GFCF lifestyle going- no rest for the weary, eh?
Thankfully our garden is producing an abundance of zucchini, so fresh zucchini bread every morning is a do-able (an inexpensive) task.

I also have been using half the sugar the recipe calls for, so the kids get the bulk without the shine (and they don't even notice).

Between the puke, heat, constant poop, endless cooking and baking, 34 weeks of baby growth bumping into everything, cleaning and lack of sleep...I might die.
Although I suppose that would be another to-do, to put on my list- so for now I will:

not wear make up
barely brush my hair
ignore phone calls
rarely leave the house
cry every other day.

Do forgive my hermit-ness as we finish these series of events off.

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