Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Growing up, my summers were spent at our neighborhood pool.
I can still smell the chlorine and early morning mist, as I climbed into the steamy water every AM for swim team practice. We would go home, eat, come back, swim. Go home, eat. Come back, swim.
Life was good- and I was wet, majority of the time.
I learned how to be a fish.
I learned how to play.
I learned how to just be a kid.
Of course there are aspects of our childhood we wish to gift to our own children, and without exception, a life in water was one of those for me. I wanted my kids to not only be safe around bodies of aqua, but for the water to bring freedom to their little lives.

I'll be the first to admit, as I got older, our indoor swim practices and play were my favorite activity to skip out on- the inside, closed up, cooped up, chemical filled atmosphere did nothing for my freedom- in fact I spent most of those pool days feeling trapped and full of anxiety. I wanted my kids to love swimming, learn skills and safety, but the thought of shoving them into the chaotic, loud, ca-ca land of indoor pool life did nothing for me, or them (the few times we took them swimming, Quinny would have a total melt down...WAY over stimulated).

When we moved to Yamhill we knew the neighboring town (Carlton) had a community OUTDOOR pool-all of a sudden my dreams of a pool-full childhood for my babes could be a reality.
If they dug it, of course.

We bought a family pass for $90 (yes, the whole summer, all four of us, endless swimming for $90! Steal of a deal).

Since the sun came out to play, we have yet to miss a day.

Quinny started swim lessons this past monday and is LOVING ever second of it- there are two other kids in her class, and while she doesn't do much interaction with them, she adores her teacher (who happens to have worked with critters on the autism spectrum all through college!!!).
She is excited just to be sitting on the stairs during her class- when it is time for her to move away from the stairs with her teacher, she is still a bit nervous, but making progress every day!
She says to me, from her stairs, about 50 times a class:
"Mom, I LOVE it here! It's perfect!"

During open swim, Little Roo goes to town in that suit of hers! She is a wild child, fearless and full of joy. When I take the girls by myself (on Jake work days) I actually have to put a life vest on the kid for the times she pushes herself off of me and I can't get to her in time.

We're having an incredible time.
All four of us.
Feeling so blessed to be giving these kids a daily activity that brings them pride and joy and...


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