Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Get up and Go GFCF Meal

Cooking and baking GFCF is a challenge all on its own- but leaving the house during meal time is an even greater task.
Needing to pack snacks, tea, rice milk, and a dinner- all a while thinking about giving my critters equally delicious meals and treats as they see the normal human eat around them.
I never want them to feel deprived, more so, I want them to have pride in their diet.

A few times now I have come up with a fabulous one pot meal and an easy DE.LIC.OUS dessert to bring with us for a BBQ. Of course we come with snacks and drinks in hand too- but these two dishes have become and will remain, an easy go-to 'get up and go' GFCF meal.
Bringing a whole cake allows an opportunity for the girls to share their diet with their friends and family. I have Quinny help serve each piece- which she is always more than excited to do, telling them it will be good for their tummies and brains.

For the one pot meal:
It being in a dutch oven, allows for cooking to happen after I bring it out of the actual oven. The time between taking it out of my oven at home, driving to our destination and waiting for dinner time- gives the food inside a proper cooking time and has been totally radical.

Mini potatoes
Corn on the cob
Garlic gloves
Olive Oil
Flank steak on bottom, sear on both sides.

Throw in oven for 20 minutes at 350.
Take out and GO

And NOW- this incredible cake.

Bob's Redmill GF chocolate cake mix.
with rice milk and egg replacer.

I also put a middle layer of freshly made raspberry jam, and smothered it on top as well.
Not kidding- one of the best cakes I have ever eaten. Each time it comes out moist and rich and just darn fabulous!

Still seeing wonderful, calming, beautiful results from sticking with GFCF. I just started to organize all of my baking dry goods, and trying out a few of my own GF all purpose flour mixes. Been reading my fanny off- now ready to experiment- will be sharing all my successes (and failures) soon.


  1. Jill - I LOVE this recipe idea. I was thinking of making this at the beach house on Sat for Derek's birthday (we don't do corn, but I was thinking of adding some broccoli and red peppers). Not sure there is a dutch oven there - If I sear the flank steak on the stove, do you think I could cook this all in a crock pot on low for 5 ish hours? How long does it usually take you to travel to your destination/wait to eat dinner?! hope you are well - xoxo

  2. Love the addition ideas! I think crock pot 5 hours, after searing, would work well. Really, the mini potatoes take the longest to cook through at about 30 ish minutes- I'm a total crap crock pot cooker, so I have zero idea on a good time frame.
    You could also just sear flank in large pot, then through the rest on-top and pop it all in the oven for 30 ish minutes. Almost as if it is a stew...
    Send me some pics of your dish so I can blog about it!! Credit given where credit is due of course. ;-)
    Have a wonderful beach romp- and happiest celebration for your lovey.