Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scallywhompis No More

For those who know me best (or anyone who has met me for five minutes) they know that my memory, focus and organization have never been a strong suit of mine.
I have made no effort in hiding that I am still diagnosed with ADD and when not pregnant or breast feeding, I have medication that makes my life SO much easier- well makes my memory, focus and organizational skills closer to that of a typical human.

With the combination of pregnancy brain, two crazy critters and lack of chemical assistance- keeping bills, appointments and daily to-do's in line had been a challenge.

When we moved into the new house I decided I would find practical and efficient ways to keep my life running smoothly- a few months in and my two favorite pieces have kept me sane, bills sent in on time, and not a-one appointment missed.

The BIG calendar:

Keeping this central in our house has been key for me keeping track of all of our to-do's and meal planning.
I also keep an on-going grocery list, via post it, on the calendar so when I run out of the house to the grocery store, I can just grab my post-it without even thinking.
And my favorite piece...

Our BILL Folder:

I used to hoard all of the mail (un-opened) in a super cute basket- but the cute-ness of the basket never opened my mail and paid bills on time for me (crazy, right?).
Now, the moment we bring the mail in, I open each piece and write down on the binder calendar how much is due, and on what date. I then put the bill in the binder, waiting for the pay date.

Once the pay day comes around, I go online to our bill pay, pay it, and write on the bill how much I paid and when. I then three hole punch it and put it into it's slot.

Being able to see where our money is at each month has made it possible to live on such a tight budget- if I am hoping to buy a book on Amazon (one I had not budgeted for) I can turn to the calendar page and see when during the month we could afford to do so. I never thought paying bills and budgeting would be fun- until I found this binder technique and ran with it.

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