Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Aspergers: A Dual Diagnosis

We got word today that after a year and a half, five therapists and a dedicated Pediatric Neurologist putting all of Lou's puzzle pieces together, we have a dual diagnosis:

Aspergers (autism spectrum disorder) with Sensory Processing Disorder.

I can't describe the relief, excitement, hopefull-ness Jake and I felt when we were handed this information: confirmation of what we had been feeling and thinking for a few years now.

While it does seem odd for parents to be "excited" when reaching a label that has, normally, negative connotations associated with it- for us it gives Quinny and our family, a community to grab a hold of, peers for Quinny to relate to, and many more answers for our journey we have been down, and will continue to paddle on.

A label is just a quick way to explain behaviors that are already in place- it gives Quinny a foundation to hold onto when her quirks are being questioned by those around her; many could see this as her ball and chain, we see it as her compass with the promise to empower.

It explains the wiring of Q's brain and how and why she does what she does that sets her apart from the typical child.

We start even more therapies soon, and will be organizing peer play groups- finding other critters in surrounding areas that are on the spectrum. Giving Quinny the opportunity to feel "normal"- to connect with peers who get her gig, will be vital to her self worth and neuro-developmental growth. SO much on the horizon.

So excited to watch this incredible kid do her thing- SO proud to be her Mommy.

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  1. yeah!!! I am so glad you guys have some relief in some form by having a name put to all her struggles.