Monday, June 25, 2012

Let the Projects Begin

Since I only have about two months of cooking left before Mr. Finnegan joins us, I thought I ought to find some time to get my 'project' list started.
This weekend I tackled burp cloths and prototype pants for all three critters.

The burp cloths were/ are super simple- I have never had a pattern for them, just sew them right on up- this time, I got to use boy flannel (thanks Amber!).

I found adorable kid's pants at a while back and have been dying to make them for the ladies. Now with Finn coming, I thought funky fabulous pants would be much more fun than the normal boy stuff.
I did a prototype today in Muslin, so if I screwed up royally (which I did...a few times) I wouldn't waste too much money. Now that I have worked out the kinks (and more importantly, reminded myself I am capable of doing stuff) I will be making them in many different fabrics and sizes (jersey, denim, cotton, flannel, etc.).

I asked Quinny Lou to model the new duds (for those of you who know Lou well, you know she is NOT one for picture taking- you won't even believe these pics I got of her! GFCF YOU'RE AMAZING! As is Lou, of course):

And lastly, for anyone who has received a sewn gift from me in the past year or so, and noticed the hems and seams being a bit cock-eyed here is why:

My Elf Helpers!
Since I do the baking and cooking while they sleep, I have to find time to sew and craft when they are awake- they get bored of their special projects and want to help Mommy.

No one expect perfectly made, created goodies until the third is three.

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