Thursday, June 7, 2012

Food Budget Mission 2012

Changing our whole family to gluten free and casein free is no easy task- for a crave-y pregnant chick and our budget. The last two weeks I have spent over $400 on food...yes, FOOD!
So I made it my mission to make this gfcf diet fit into the pockets of middle america- aka. the Snell's.

First, I created this coming week's menu for dinner, snacks and breakfasts. For lunches the girls and I tend to munch through, so no menu was needed for that (and Jake always takes left overs from dinner the night before).
Here is the Game Plan:

BBQ, taters and corn on the cob
Potato belgium waffles
Bean soup
Roasted chicken and mashed taters
Pot roast


Nuts (no peanuts in this house though)
Dried fruit
Chips and salsa
Rice cakes and jelly
Banana bread
Frozen fruit bars
Hard boiled eggs (for Jake, Jill and Q...this is a no no for Carter- sorry Chick).

To keep the menu gfcf everything will be made from scratch, from the soup bases to the baked goods. I will be sure to bring you along on the prep. journey- as there is a lot of cooking, baking, peeling, washing, little wasting involved!

Note: Carter is allergic to eggs, peanuts, soy as well as dairy and wheat- SO everything we do is also soy free, peanut free and mostly egg free. She is allowed BAKED eggs only, so I will include these in our baked goods. We only eat hard boiled eggs when she is napping so she won't have hurt feelings OR anaphylactic shock.

I spent $76.00 at the grocery store today (everything we will need for the week), AND I got everything I needed from Winco- yes a discount grocery store!

Can we do this??

Wait and see.

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