Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Bunch of Sick-ies

Been a rough summer for sickness:

21 day virus for baby ladies
Pre eclampsia kicking in
Diabetes (full on and scary) started for my mom
Kidney failure for my mom
Pre eclampsia getting worse
Baby ladies have a summer cold

My mom's kidney failure. She spent two days in ICU at St. Vincent's Hospital- then was sent upstairs for another few days.
So, I spent 2 days in ICU and a few days munching on hospital food and napping bed side. (best 'bed rest' I ever had actually).
She is healing now, and although her future kidney function is yet to be determined, I could not be more grateful for having my mom near, alive, and on her way to healthy.

(A HUGE special thank you to the friends and family who helped our family during this scary time- watching the girls, making dinners, supporting, visiting, loving).

Monday I go to my perinatologist to have another non stress test on Mr. Finn- game plan to be determined for his delivery. Blood pressure has steadily been climbing, and protein in urine is nearing the tipping point.
SO, so, so crazy to think in a week, or two we will be a family of five- just in time for Quinny to go back to school, and for me to start on Halloween costumes (yes, I start two months in advanced making and planning their costumes).

All in all, we are hanging in (almost didn't make it through this last heat wave- Jesus can be cruel sometimes!)- and looking forward to a healthy, fabulous future.

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