Saturday, August 11, 2012

Love. Kindness. Friendship.

Two days ago I started to go into labor- after dialating to a two, the doctor was able to calm down contractions and put me on modified bed rest for the next week and a half (until I am considered "full term").
Last night my contractions started back up, so back in to Labor and Delivery we went.

(Side Bar: One of the main reasons we moved to Yamhill was the desire to be apart of a community. To feel connected to our neighbors, be a voice in the schools and to feel like we could make an impact on other's lives. Some of our dearest friends (Eric, Amber, and their three kids) also live in Yamhill, and make that community SO much sweeter).

Last night, without hesitation, Amber jumped over to our house to hold down the fort while we were hospital hoppin'. She stayed there until 10p until her AMAZING 15 year old daughter, Taylor, came over and stayed until 1 A.M. when we got home. (Super sweet coming home to Taylor sleeping SO hard on our couch, all cuddled up in blankets- I almost didn't wake her, she looked so cozy).

Today- I stayed at my parents house and when I got home, I found I had had a little visit from that same friend fairy.
In my fridge there were meals that were pre-cooked for us.


That wonderful, thoughtful, strong willed, loyal, fun, generous friend Amber was at it again.
I didn't even ask for help- she just gave it.

To Amber, Eric, Tay Tay and the rest of that crazy clan:
Thank you, for loving us, supporting us, and being such a consistent form of community.
We love and appreciate you all.

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