Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When a Quirk becomes a Disability

Swimming lessons started back up at our local pool. In Lou's class, last month, she had 3 kids (including herself) in the class. It took her a few days to feel comfortable, but eventually she got her groove and had a wonderful time.
She definitely had some quirky behaviors, but was able to learn and grow, building her skills and self worth.

This time around she is one of 9 (yes, 9) kids:

More kids.
More chaos.
More sensory sensations.
More touching.
More noise.
More unpredictability.

More Quirks.
More rejection.
More disabilities.

Such a crazy position to be in: watching your child struggle, assisting her (the best you know how) to get her through the program- feeling helpless and empowered, all at the same time.
How much I would pay to take away Quinny's barriers; to allow the world to see the little girl we get to see. As a parent you just want to make it better, easier...
I was given the opportunity today, to watch her brain in action, when her neurological system was short circuited. To see where we need to focus our therapies, to give more tools to Quinny, so that SHE can show the world what a rad chick she is.

It just shows us that kiddos with cataloged disabilities have all the abilities of a typical child- they just need the tools, creativity, patience and ambition of those around them, to thrive.

Quinny starts private swim lessons tomorrow with the teacher she adores and the pool she never wants to get out of. The proper environment for her to learn the skills and grow in her self worth.

This ain't no joke peeps- parenting is HARD.
But I am having the time of my life- learning and loving.

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