Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rad GFCF Products

A benefit for having me be a wee bit less ambitious the past few weeks (in the kitchen) was that I started to venture out and try some pre-made GFCF food items.
I have found four go-to's for our family:

UDI's Gluten Free Food Products:

This bread is super good toasted- reminds me of a nice artisan bread (crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle).
The cinnamon raisin version is one of Quinny's favorite breakfast snacks- and it is super low in sugar for the flavor it packs in.

Applegate Naturals:
I have become a HUGE fan of this company. We buy the bacon (gfcf) the lunch meat (for the times I don't have chicken in our fridge) and these AWESOME nuggets.

These little nuggets are delicious, crisp, and totally worth the price tag (around $7 depending on where we go shopping).
I try and keep these in my freezer at all times now for a quick lunch or dinner.

Amy's GF dairy free Burritos:

Quinny is not too keen on these bad boys, but Carter, Jake and I are in love!

It is amazing how adding a few pre-made foods to our closet takes away a bit of stress and pressure for those afternoons and evenings where I am just not feeling it.

I would LOVE for those who have their favorite GFCF/ GF Vegan/ GF Dairy Free pre bought food items to leave it in the comments- let's catalog this stuff, eh?

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  1. I love Udi's bread! I'll have to try the cinnamon raisin variety, never had that one.

    Some of my packaged staples include: Udi's bread obviously, Glutino pretzel twists, GF Bisquick (for when I don't feel like "real" baking), Kinnikinnick Kritters animal cookies (regular and chocolate), and Chex cereals (not sure if they're all CF, but all the GF varieties are good! I enjoy them with homemade cashew milk).