Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to School Night = Back to School. OYE!

Back to school night was the other evening at Quinny's new preschool.

We coordinated to show up a bit early so Lou could mingle with her teacher and the classroom without the extra stimuli.

This year's set up gets us a bit jazzed when cataloging all of the positives:
her classroom is about a 3 minute walk from our house, featured in the main Yamhill Carlton School House, fastened with a super loving, well educated and ridiculously calm teacher.
They also allow crazy moms (such as myself) to volunteer in the classroom whenever we can/ want/ need to (which allows me to see Q in action in her school setting to know what areas of development we need to keep chippin' away at).

Prior to Back to School Night, I had been dreading the start of school. The memories of her broken heart from last year, the cruelty of (some) of the children and the un-caring-ness of the parents.

With the world's expectations for Lou that keeps on growing as her years keep climbing- mix that with her neurological wiring system that short circuits with that additional stress of those expectations and this year was looking more and more challenging.

But there is a LIGHT:

A few days ago I was at our favorite health food/ gluten free store in McMinnville (Parkway Foods- truly, if you're in Mac and need a fabulous small town store with nothing but wonderful food...hit it up!) and I was asking the store clerk about Autism Parent Support Groups in the surrounding area, when this woman walked up to me and said she was over hearing my convo and had some insight.
Turns out this woman is not only a Mama to a 15 year old Aspie, but she also lives in Yamhill!
The picture she painted of this town, with regards to being a supportive community, was amazing.
The parents in the Yamhill/ Carlton School Dist. had been nothing but understanding and kind to her son and their clan. Her son had numerous friends and was thriving in the academic and extracurricular arenas.

Of course their journey wasn't all peaches and pice cream, but the jist: fabulous!
I left her (and the store) with a hug (of course) and a kick to my (swollen) feet.

My light is that we live in this town where it seems as though people CARE about one another, and about the welfare of the younger generations.

My light is that while buying beautiful groceries I can meet a local parent who embraces me with wisdom, kindness and hope.

My light is seeing the excitement Quinn had when leaving her school room and asking us when she gets to go back and play with her teacher.

Back to school night (and my angel Mama from the grocery store) restored my hope and excitement for our stormy todays and our sunny tomorrows.

Back to school?

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