Thursday, August 9, 2012

Project: for a Friend

The same wonderful friend, who is moving in a few weeks, needed a proper "be seeing you" gift.
Without fail, I am the worst gift giver, ever. I seem to panic, and my brain turns to mush when I try to put thought into the process. Especially when the intent of the gift is to be thoughtful- just real real tough.
In this case, I wanted to make something that every time she would use, she would think of us and think of love.

The other day Lou, Roo and I were doing an art project and Quinny made the most incredible picture (I cut out shapes with paper and told her to create- she choice to make flowers):

Wonderful, right?

This picture inspired me: what if I took Lou's vision and turned it into a tote bag!

First off: The Tote Bag.
I had no pattern, but I looked at my Lands End tote, and had an idea of what to do.
It took me a nap time (1.5 hours) and I was super happy with the results.

Second: Felt Flower Pieces.
I used Bamboo/ Rayon felt, and found colors that were close to Lou's picture.
I pinned them on, one by one and then sewed with my machine.

Final Tote:

The cotton fabric and felt was around $7, it took about 3 hours total, and it is full of love.

PS- a big thanks to my Mom for letting me bring my machine and crazy kids to her house so I could keep working after the kids woke up from a nap. Luxury.

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